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Sometimes I do copywriting for brands and sometimes I do jokey writing for funny people and places.


Other times I do ghostwriting, often for very specific audiences, like when Paula Poundstone hosted the Audie Awards and needed a bunch of jokes about the audiobook industry. I love a niche. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 4.07.31 PM.png

I also like to write comedic quizzes. Here are some favorites (click the title for the full quiz):​


Identify if each phrase is from a bag of expensive yoga pants or  the founder of the People's Republic of China.

Sample: "Nature wants us to be mediocre."

Going from just the title, guess if the film is a 2018 Lifetime movie or an AVN-nominated* porn.

Sample: "Party Mom"

Is it a song by twice-Platinum Detroit horror-clown rap rock duo Insane Clown Posse or is it an IPA beer?

Sample: "Gargoyle Love Song"

Was it said by Forrest Gump's mom or by Jim Jones in his final speech at Jonestown?

Sample: "Vacation's when you go somewhere and you never come back."

*Adult Video News Awards aka "the Oscars of Porn"

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